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Manufacturer Perfumes , Body Splashes , Air Fresheners , Car Hanging Perfumes and Deodorant Sprays

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Atre Sabz Jadeh Abrisham Co.,ltd is founded since 1994 by Managing Director Majid Ghanbari.
He is one of the first to started supply of Perfumery Fragrances in Iran and tried to the market style from Traditional goes side more variations , Indeed introduced it to the market.

ATRE SABZ as a supplier in Packaging , Flavours and Fragrances.

We are connected to Iranian and our foreign partners to can supply customers' requirements.

The products which we can supply are bottles , jars , cosmetic packagings and related products ;

Cosmetic & Personal Care Package such as Lotion bottle , Lipstick tube , Eyeliner bottle and etc.
Food & Bevarage Package such as Honey jar , Olive oil bottle , Juice bottle , Spices storage bottle and etc.
Pharmaceutical Package such as Essential oil bottle , Amber glass bottle , Pill bottle , Vial and etc.
Perfumery Products such as Perfume bottle , Cap , Sprayer , Collar , Roller , Machines and etc.

We can supply your requests on Fragrances sector for different applications such as cream , lotion , candle , perfume and …
On the other we started manufacturing ANIL Perfumes in 2015.
Bespoke perfumes could be made through a written contract...
Our production are products such as Perfume in different concentrates , body spray and air freshener aerosol spray. Our own brands are Anil , Rene Touch , Touch MG and Z.i .
Several years of professional experience in the field of fragrances and Cosmetic packagings , gives good knowledge on how to prepare the products with the best quality and service.
We believe that the satisfaction of consumers have led to progress toward success.
Our main goal is customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of product quality and service.
So that, the factor for increasing market share we are.
We are always keen to start a good collaboration and long-term relation with our partners.
We believe that the path of success is opened only for those who work fairly and evenly !
Our slogan ATRE SABZ was and is a pioneer of new designs and ideas.We are mingled with our slogan in supplying packaging and fragrances.

Why Choose US
- More than 24 years of experience in the Flavours & Fragrances , Packagings.
- Competive prices for supplying them.
We always try to understand and get assure your comments till supply you best cases.
- At ATRE SABZ , we show much obsession till we can serve our best.

In the event that you need bespoke orders , we will be glad till can provide you them in best quality and Most appropriate price.
If you have any project in your mind , Your needed Perfumery Fragrances , specific bottle , specific jar , requested color , print , packaging of product and etc , our team is ready for supply them for your brand.
We in the way will do our best effort till can end it as your needs.
If have special idea for bottle , jar of your products , we can handle it as bespoke and exclusive for you.

If you want to start a project but you don’t have good solutions into your mind.we will be more than glad to help till we can provide you our best services.As one-stop we can supply your bottles and fragrances.
- If you are a brand owner.
- If you want to produce perfume.
- If you need plastic and glass bottles and jars for your projects.
And if you are one of our cooperators and you are ready for long-term collaboration.

Functions :

- The bridge between customers and Package , fragrance manufacturers.
- To help customers to develop their new items.

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ATRE SABZ Pioneer of New Designs and Ideas