GMPLAS Plastic Bottles

Day by day , we are evolving our products until we can give out the best plastic spraying bottles to our consumers.we are one of the new leading producers.Our expert team is ready for preparing your demands.We started as manufacturer of plastic products in 2012.

Our first idea for producing these plastic bottles was our need of plastic spray for perfumes but these are usable for other different applications such as glasses cleaner , Deodorant shoes , Stain lifter and etc.

GMPLAS uses Polypropylene (PP) materials for its products and in packaging you can get different materials.If you want to have sample for testing our materials for your ingredients inside these bottles,so please don’t hesitate to inform us by using our contact section.

We have started creating new moulds and we would love to hear your ideas till we can make new moulds for your private products.As we want to be the best , by giving best material we support manufacturer companies and also our partners in competitive prices !