Bottle , Jars
Some packaging we can supply you from Iran on competitive prices such as :
Storage PET bottle , Cream jars , Dropper HDPE bottle , Amber Glass bottles , Caps , HDPE bottles ,
Brosilicate glass bottle , Plastic tubes for Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals , Aluminum tubes for Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals and Industrial ,
Storage glass jar , Salt shaker bottle , Preform PET , Glass Pitcher , Plastic Roll-on perfume bottle , Deodorant Roll-on bottle ,
Serum hair bottle , Shampoo HDPE bottle , Detergent bottles , Trigger sprayer 28mm , Plastic lipstick tube and etc.
Other packaging we supply through our Chinese and Taiwanese partners such as :
Perfume glass bottles , Glass cream jar , Aluminum essential oil bottles , Lotion bottles and etc.