Produce of Anil Perfumes have started since March 2015.
1- Beginning Collection Eau de Parfum 30ml :
First provided of ANIL perfumes is included 16 different fragrances of best seller perfumery fragrances that for beginning entered to markets as EDP and volume 30 ml.
In order to attract your satisfaction and competition , we do our utmost effort till can use the best-selling fragrances with best quality in this collection.
For receive catalog of the set of Anil , please click on below link (consider this collection will not produce) :


In order to receive information regarding price list and or become ANIL agent , please keep in touch !

We have a different way for customers who are interested to distribute and fame their own perfumes.
In this line , as a supplier we are ready to support them by our Iranian and European partners.

Your Brand , Our Creation
You are a brand owner and following fame your brand , but you don't want to get involved for production…
Well , as one-stop we do all needed materials such as : Bottle , Fragrance , Alcohol , Box and etc.

With our registered brands we are ready to provide you high quality perfumes in different concentrates , Body spray , Air freshener aerosol spray.
Brands : Anil , Rene Touch , Touch MG , Z.i
2- 10ml World Cup pocket perfumes 
Eau de Toilette , 12 different scents
We have a new project suitable for World Cup fans. They are included 12 different scents. We designed a display stand for per 24 pieces in one box to wholesalers can sell easily to shopkeepers and retailers. It can be sold to Children , Teenagers , Young and Old people. Sport wholesalers , Supermarkets , Beauty wholesalers and a lot of shops can sell this small pocket perfumes. these bottles have keychain part to your customer can connect his keys to perfume. World Cup 2018 is near. If you had plan let me know.


3- Mini Body Splashes 4 in one
30 ml , 5 popular scents


4- 30ml Eau de Toilette Economic Collection
5 Popular Scents : Legend , Chance , Euphoria , Alien , Nina Rici


5- 100ml Marvelous Collection Eau de Parfum
50 different Scents for Men and Women



6- 20ml Keychain pocket perfumes
Eau de Toilette
12 different scents


7- 100ml Economic Collection Eau de Toilette
30 popular scents